What We Do

We deliver geothermal leadership by:

  • Linking people and projects by promoting geothermal research and employment opportunities
  • Serving as a forum for the exchange of quality and unbiased information
  • Encouraging and supporting geothermal research 
  • Ensuring regular conversations between Government and industry
  • Influencing decision making through informed and impartial advocacy into New Zealand’s geothermal legislation, policy and regulations
  • Responding to enquiries from the public and international community and connecting the right information with the right people
  • Future proofing the industry by engaging young talent and connecting with the new generation of geothermal specialists
  • Collaborating with national and international governmental, institutional and private agencies for the sustainable development of geothermal resources.
  • Growing expertise and building capacity by providing or sponsoring topical seminars, workshops and training opportunities 
  • Promoting good practice guidance
  • Producing strategic papers to inform and better position the geothermal industry