NZGA Board

NZGA Board of Directors 2017/18

Stephen Daysh


Director - Mitchell-Daysh

Stephen Daysh is a Director of Mitchell Daysh
Limited, a specialist environmental consulting firm and has over 30 years
environmental consulting experience in New Zealand, Asia and the Pacific.-
His primary specialty is the project management of social and environmental
impact investigations and consenting processes for energy and infrastructure
facilities and developments.-

In the geothermal sphere Stephen managed the
consenting team for the exploration and development phases for the Wayang
Windu and Kamojang II geothermal projects in Indonesia in 1995 and 1996.- He
was the lead consultant for the successful re-consenting of the Ohaaki and
Wairakei geothermal plants in New Zealand.- Through the 2000-s he managed the
consenting processes for Contact Energy-s Te Huka, Te Mihi, and Tauhara II
geothermal development projects near Taupo, and was the decision-maker for
the Takara Geothermal exploration programme in Vanuatu in 2016

Andy Bloomer

Immediate Past President

Principal, Director; Chartered Civil Engineer -

Geothermal Engineering Ltd

Andy has worked in the geothermal industry in New
Zealand since 1978, in the fields of steamfield engineering, Kawerau
steamfield manager and developing projects including obtaining resource
consents.- He has worked on most fields in New Zealand as well as fields in
Indonesia and PNG.-

He has had roles in the NZGA since 1998, including
Chair of the Information and Education Committee, Secretary and President.

Paul Siratovich

Vice President

Director - Upflow Limited

Paul has worked in the geothermal industry since
2009. He has worked on many of New Zealand-s geothermal fields as a geologist
and project manager. He has a background in exploration and development
geology, a Master-s degree in geothermal energy and, a PhD in geology.

Paul has a diverse publication record, serves on the
global WING team, and serves as an Adjunct Senior Lecturer at the University
of Canterbury Department of Geological Sciences.

Jane Brotheridge


Geoscientist - Jacobs

Jane is a geologist with 20 years- experience in the
renewable energy sector. She has examined a full range of geothermal resource
types from low to high temperature and in a wide range of geological
environments and has carried out many due diligence and resource evaluation
assessments of geothermal resource potential. Her focus is always on building
positive relationships in the wider geothermal community to facilitate
collaboration and help create effective, positive and productive work
environment within the diverse teams she works with.

Jane has been on the NZGA Board since 2013 and is
Board member of the IGA.

Rosalind Archer

Board Member

Director - Geothermal Institute, University of


Rosalind has also served as Head
of the Department of Engineering Science since 2013.  Rosalind holds a
PhD in Petroleum Engineering from Stanford University.  Her personal
research interests are in the fundamentals of flow modelling in geothermal
systems.  She works with her group of PhD students to try to ensure that
reservoir engineering models honour as much information as possible from
geology, geophysics, geochemistry etc.


At the University Rosalind works
to ensure that the students in the Department of Engineering Science and in
the Geothermal Institute have the best possible educational experience in a
program that is engaged with a range of local and international
agencies.  She manages a range of research and consulting contracts in
geothermal energy - in particular a range of MFAT funded projects which
deliver capability building in the energy sector in range of jurisdictions
with a cross-section of NZ based professionals.  Rosalind also directs
her own independent consulting practice.   Rosalind has governance
experience as a non-executive director of New Zealand Oil & Gas Limited
(since 2014) and is completing a 3-year term on the NZGA board.  Her
governance experience includes other non-profit entities such as scholarship
trusts e.g. a 2-year term on the board of the New Horizons for Women Trust.


John Burnell

Board Member

Senior Scientist -GNS Science


John Burnell is a geothermal reservoir modeller with
GNS Science. He started working on geothermal topics with the DSIR Applied
Mathematics Division, and has undertaken both research and consulting work
with Industrial Research Limited and GNS Science.

He has developed  models of geothermal systems
throughout the world, for both consenting purposes and resource planning. He
has worked on models of: Ngawha, Wairakei, Rotokawa, Rotorua, Tauhara, Kawerau,
Mokai, (New Zealand), Bacman, Mt Apo (Philippines), Kakkonda, Uenotai,
Sumikawa (Japan), and Luiese (Papua New Guinea). He has long-standing
involvement in the resource consent process, both developing models to assess
environmental impacts and appearing as an expert witness at consent hearings.

John-s work often requires new approaches for
developing numerical models such as incorporating wellbore models or
chemistry into simulations. He has considerable experience developing
software for solving modelling problems John is currently the NZ convener of
the IPGT Reservoir Modelling Group.



Kevin Koorey

Board Member

Manager Geothermal Development -MB Century

Kevin is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer who has
worked in the geothermal industry in New Zealand since 1986, in the field of
steamfield, power plant and direct heat use equipment engineering,- He has
worked on all developed fields in New Zealand as well as projects in
Indonesia and PNG. Kevin has been a NZGA board member since 2014.

Katherine Luketina

Board Member

Geothermal Scientist - Waikato Regional Council


Katherine has been with Waikato Regional Council
since 1997, initially as a resource officer dealing with geothermal resource
consenting issues, and since 2001, as a geothermal scientist.- She was part
of the team that developed Council-s current geothermal policy.- She has been
involved with the NZGA board since 1997 continuously, either as a board
member or as an observer.

Ted Montague

Board Member

Technical Advisor - Contact Energy Ltd.

Ted has a MSC in Geology (University of Canterbury)
and a MSC in Mineral Economics (Colorado School of Mines).

Ted has worked on geothermal projects since 1997, in
the sectors of exploration, development, drilling, construction, economic
valuations, contracting, and electricity markets.- He has worked on projects
New Zealand as well as Indonesia, the USA, and Chile.---

He has held roles in the NZGA periodically since

Jeremy O-Brien

Board Member

Business Manager - Geothermal Energy - Seequent

Jeremy has been involved in geothermal development
since 2008. Jeremy-s career began working for Mighty River Power (now Mercury
Energy), developing and managing the Ngatamariki, Rotokawa and Mokai geothermal
fields along with exploration prospects within the Taupo Volcanic Zone.

Jeremy-s experience has focused on building robust
development and management strategies for both geothermal and oil and gas
resources. This has taken Jeremy across the globe covering the Asia Pacific
region, US, Middle East, Sub Saharan Africa, Europe and Russia.

Jeremy now leads Seequent-s global geothermal team
based in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Andrew Rae

Board Member

Geothermal Geologist - GNS Science

Andrew has worked in the geothermal industry in New
Zealand since 2005, involved with geothermal well logging and resource
assessments.- He has worked on most fields in New Zealand, as well as
considerable international experience, such as in Indonesia, Philippines,
Taiwan and PNG.-

He has been a NZGA board member since 2013.

Brian White

Board Member

Commercial Development Manager -East Harbour Energy

Mechanical Engineer and Geothermal Institute

Brian has worked across a wide range of roles within
the geothermal industry over the last 40 years.- He has an interest in where
the industry has come from.- Through East Harbour his focus is on enabling
geothermal development both in New Zealand and internationally, including
working closely with MFAT and World Bank.- He has also worked within the New
Zealand Government on broader energy market issues.

He has had NZGA Board involvement since 2001
including as the inaugural Executive Officer for the Association until 2016
when the role was discontinued.

Ian Richardson

Board Member

Geothermal Projects and Research Manager - Mercury

Ian has worked in the electricity industry in
Australia and New Zealand since 1999, with the last 7 years focussed on
Geothermal electricity generation with Mercury, where he is the Geothermal
Projects and Research Manager.- Ian works across Mercury-s geothermal fields
where he works on projects related to geothermal data, surface plant and
equipment and well and subsurface activities.- Ian joined the board on the
NZGA in 2018.

Scott Henderson

Board Member

Principal Engineer - Generation - Jacobs

Scott began his career as a process engineer in an
Oil & Gas consultancy in the UK in 1997.- His introduction to geothermal
came upon arrival to New Zealand in 2004 when he began with SKM (now Jacobs) as
a geothermal process engineer and project manager, leveraging the obvious
synergies from my O&G background.- Early career highlights were
delivering process engineering for the Polaris San Jacinto project, and then
later on as lead process engineer for Jacobs scope in the Kawerau project and
design manager for Jacobs scope in the Nga Awa Purua project.- More recently
he has been heavily engaged in delivering a program of large mid-life
-sustaining capital- engineering design works to Chevron geothermal which rounded
off his appreciation of the different facets of geothermal development and
began to look beyond the -nuts & bolts- of design. In parallel with this
technical progression, he has worked through many roles from project manager
(large consulting projects and med sized capital projects), through to
operations management and latterly client account management and business
development.- He is currently the Jacobs Client Account Manager for the New
Zealand Power & Industry business.


Katie McLean

Board Member

Reservoir Engineer - Contact Energy,

Representative - Women in Geothermal WING

With degrees in Geology and Engineering (Sustainable
Energy Systems major) the geothermal industry was the obvious choice for
Katie. After a few years working in mineral exploration (and skiing) in
northern Canada she made the move to New Zealand to get involved in
geothermal. After completing a postgraduate certificate at the Geothermal
Institute in 2009, she became a reservoir engineer at Contact Energy.- She is
also currently working on a PhD in geothermal well testing at the University
of Auckland (with the Todd Foundation postgraduate scholarship for Energy
Research) and she is presently co-authoring a book on geothermal well testing
with Dr Sadiq Zarrouk.


Jaime Quinao

Board Member

Reservoir Engineer - Ngati Tuwharetoa Geothermal
Assets Ltd. (NTGA)

Jaime is currently the Senior Resources Engineer or
Kaipuukaha for Ngati Tuwharetoa Geothermal Assets Ltd. (NTGA) in Kawerau, a
world-leading geothermal energy supplier for industrial direct heat use. In
his role at NTGA, he enjoys the challenges and opportunities at the
intersection of resource management, steamfield operations, resource and
environment sustainability, and stakeholder engagement in support of
geothermal energy development in the Kawerau Industrial Complex.

Jaime has over 11 years of geothermal resource
management and reservoir engineering experience, starting as a reservoir
engineer at Chevron Geothermal fields in the Philippines in 2007. He joined
the New Zealand geothermal community in 2010 as a reservoir engineer for
Mercury and moved to NTGA in 2017 to pursue his interest in geothermal direct
heat use. He completed a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering at the
University of the Philippines in 2007 and a Master of Engineering in
Engineering Science at the University of Auckland in 2016, studying a
framework for uncertainty analysis of geothermal numerical models.


Anya Seward

Board Member

Geothermal Geophysicist - GNS Science

Anya has been with the department of Geothermal
Sciences at GNS Sciences for 6 years. She specialises in surface heat flow
and near-surface heat transfer processes. Anya was awarded a PhD in
Geophysics and Seismology in 2009, for work on modelling the crust-mantel
boundary and thermal anomaly in the central North Island using seismic
signals. She has a varied background in project and logistics management,
data processing and interpretation and research leadership.

Anya is currently involved in several governance
committees, including International Partnership for Geothermal Technology
(IPGT), Women in Geothermal (WING) and the Geothermal Heat Pump Association
of New Zealand (GHANZ). Anya is the current secretariat for IPGT and has been
a member of the steering committee for 18 months. She has also been involved
with WING since 2013, and recently formally joined the WING global leadership
team. Anya has also been actively involved in GHANZ since 2012.-


Mike Allen – GeoNZ

Brian Carey – GeoHeat

Penny Doorman – Bay of Plenty Regional Council

Chris Mann – Mechanical Technology

Taparoto Nicholson – Te Puia/Waiariki Maori Geothermal Advisory Group