Who We Are

NZGA’s members are part of a diverse and skilled network of people working and living with our unique geothermal resources. NZGA is a non-political, non-governmental and not-for-profit organisation. Our focus is on providing leadership, connection and facilitation to support and grow sustainable geothermal opportunities in New Zealand.

As an affiliated member of the International Geothermal Association (IGA) and the Royal Society of New Zealand, NZGA connects with global geothermal communities and is well positioned to positively influence geothermal initiatives on the international stage.

Geothermal: The Next Generation

  For New Zealand to achieve its goal of a carbon-neutral future, geothermal energy needs to be utilised to its full potential. We need to go beyond conventional geothermal techniques to tap deeper, supercritical resources. Geothermal: The Next Generation is a programme led by GNS… Read More

Lasting Effects of the COVID-19 Lockdown

Whilst in New Zealand we have returned to a relatively normal way of life following the COVID-19 lockdown, there are still ongoing effects of the pandemic. In April we invited Mercury to give us insight as to how the lockdown was affecting them. Three months later, we have caught up with them to see what protocols remain as a result of the pandemic, and to examine what the lasting effects of the lockdown look to be.   Mercury Read More