Our Vision

To position and promote a shared goal of a sustainable and prosperous geothermal future by providing leadership and connections within the NZ geothermal community.


Recognising that the New Zealand and international global geothermal community is multi-disciplinary, specialised and dispersed geographically, the NZGA acts to connect that community and work towards sustaining and growing New Zealand’s future in geothermal.

As the ‘go to’ geothermal organisation in New Zealand, we aim to:

  • Grow a diverse and connected community of geothermal stakeholders to expand our knowledge and influence
  • Build on our track record of promoting and facilitating New Zealand geothermal capability
  • Provide member benefits through quality information, advice, education and support
  • Play a pivotal role in developing New Zealand’s global presence as a geothermal centre of excellence
  • Celebrate and promote the unique values of New Zealand’s geothermal resource