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NZGA Contribution Awards 

 During the recent NZ Geothermal Workshop, NZGA gave contribution awards to: 

Gordon Dawson 


Gordon is one of the true pioneers of the New Zealand geothermal industry having started at Wairakei in 1950, where he worked until 1990.  It is people like Gordon who developed scientific and engineering methods for exploring and developing geothermal resources that led to Wairakei being known world-wide as a pioneer in the geothermal industry. 

Paul Siratovich 

For surveying members and introducing young member initiatives 


Abbie Dean 

For WING initiatives and NZGA branding and member value 

Paul and Abbie’s awards were made at the Icebreaker function on Tuesday evening.  This was an event that they had arranged as part of their initiatives to involve younger people in the NZGA.  The event was very well attended and was a great success. 

 New Board and Officers 

The AGM was held on 23 November where three new members were elected to the Board and a new President, Vice-president and Treasurer were chosen. The new office holders are: 

President: Stephen Daysh 

Vice-President: Paul Siratovich 

Treasurer: Boaz Habib 

The three new Board members have been elected to replace retiring members Andy Bloomer, Shanon Garden and Sadiq Zarrouk.  The new members are: 

  • Ted Montague of Contact Energy, 
  • Brian White of East Harbour, 
  • Jeremy O’Brien of ARANZ.

Kennie Tsui of MBIE will also join as an Observer on the Board, which will give us a direct link to MBIE.