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New Zealand Geothermal Workshop
22-24 November 2017

Registration is open now for the New Zealand Geothermal Workshop, 22 – 24 November 2017 at the Millennium in Rotorua.

Confirmed keynote speakers include:

  • Dr Guðmundur Ómar Friðleifsson, lead on Iceland Deep Drilling Project
  • Dr James E Faulds, Nevada State Geologist, Director of Nebvada Bureau of Mines and Geology, Profession at the University of Nevada
  • Dr Rupert Sutherland, Victoria University of Wellington

Short courses include:

  • Geothermal Resource Decision Workshop: Volcano-hosted Conceptual Models – doing is the best way to learn. That’s why Bill Cumming and a group of expert coaches will guide participants through a case study that simulates the real-life decision making process for a geothermal resource team. As well as being a fast-track introduction to geothermal, this course teaches industry best-practice methods for developing a conceptual model and using it to estimate the size of a geothermal resource. Coaches include Steven Sewell, Paul Bixley, Kevin Brown, Luis Urzua, Ryan Libbey, Buscarlet Etienne, Katie Mclean, Fabian Sepulveda, Julie Rowland.
  • X-Ray Techniques – While XRD is a very important tool for identifying and quantifying the mineralogy of crystalline compounds in rocks, soils, and other geological samples, the XRF and iTRAX core scanner are elemental and geochemical analysis techniques. The iTRAX Core Scanner is unique to New Zealand. This course aims to introduce the fundamental principles and applications of X-ray Diffraction (XRD), X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) and iTRAX Core Scanner and how they can be used in geoscience. 3 sessions will be covered within this short course.

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Japan – New Zealand Workshop

Monday 20th November, 2017. Registration opens at 8am.

GNS Science and the Japan Oil Gas and Metals National Company (JOGMEC), a Japanese government institution, hold an annual workshop to share ideas, expertise and to network. This year the workshop will be held in Rotorua, prior to the New Zealand Geothermal Workshop. The theme of the Japan – New Zealand Workshop is ‘Sharing our Experience of Sustainable Geothermal Developments.’

Speakers from both Japan and New Zealand will talk to their countries issues and experiences, and provide case examples.

More information can be found here.

Geothermal Operators’ Forum

A successful forum was held at Wairakei Resort on 25 August, with about 60 industry representatives attending from Operators, Contractors, Consultants and Regulators. Presentations included:

  • Introductions from Mike Dunstall of Contact Energy and Wu Khoo of Mercury
  • An update on MBIE Work Safe findings from inspections, audits and investigations Michael Matthews
  • Contact Energy’s approach to incident investigations, using learning teams, from Matt Shawcroft
  • Change management and managing non-routine work from Mercury’s Shanon Garden
  • Knowledge work productivity from Jimmy Conway of Freeflow Partners.
  • A panel discussion on wire line logging well control, which raised a lively discussion.

The forum concluded with a networking session held in the bar. These forums are intended to be regular industry get-togethers, held about twice a year. If you would like to be involved email Mark Green.

Update on Geothermal Regulations review

A subcommittee of the NZGA Board is working on possible changes to the out-dated 1961 Geothermal Energy Regulations. Interested people should get in touch with Shanon Garden.

Young member initiatives

The Board has decided that Student Membership will be free. If you are a student member or know other students who would like to be members of the NZGA, ensure that you sign on as a Student when registering.Other initiatives being worked on include:

  • A ballot for a free registration at the Annual New Zealand Geothermal Workshop, including a travel allowance.
  • A student member of the NZGA Board, with paid travel expenses
  • A social media presence to be trialled on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Positive results may dictate expansion into other means of communication.

If you have suggestions or ideas to assist please get in touch with Paul Siratovich.

Update on GeoHeat Strategy

Geothermal direct heat use has been given a boost with the release of the New Zealand Geothermal Association’s (NZGA) Geoheat Strategy for Aotearoa NZ in June, and the confirmation of new funding to promote direct heat use through the Bay of Connection’s Energy Strategy. These initiatives have been closely aligned, with a focus on stimulating and coordinating new investment in direct heat use, first regionally and then nationally. The Geoheat Strategy creates a national framework to grow direct heat use and its implementation is now underway, with the establishment of an experienced Governance Group coordinated by the NZGA. The Group members are:

  • The current President of the NZGA, who will be the chair; currently Andy Bloomer
  • Andrea (Andy) Blair, representing economic development interests
  • Taparoto Nicholson, representing Maori interests
  • Mike Dunstall, representing industry interests
  • Stephen Daysh, representing planning and regulatory considerations.

The inaugural meeting of the GeoHeat Strategy Governance Group was held at Wairakei on Monday 21st August.

Significant gains have also been made with the creation of a new Geothermal Business Development Lead role, as part of work being delivered by the Bay of Connections and its supporting partners. The role is being jointly funded for two years, with Government funding of $150,000, to match a further $150,000 from Bay of Connections and industry partners, including $10,000 from NZGA. The role is aimed at stimulating demand from industry, with the target to create 400 jobs for direct use geothermal projects in the BOC area by 2025. It is hoped that longer term this initiative may be extended more widely.

Read more here.

MBIE announces $250 million research funding

MBIE’s 2017 Endeavour Round will see 68 new scientific research projects receive funding of around $250 million over the next five years. This includes $6,250,000 to GNS Science for research into Increased Utilisation of Geothermal Energy Through New Integrated Geoscience Methods.

Science New Zealand: 25 Years of science working for New Zealand

Science New Zealand represents the seven Crown Research Institutes: the power of 3,400 people advancing ideas and delivering results for New Zealand through excellent science and technology.

Over two days at Te Papa Museum: Friday, 10 Novemberand Saturday, 11 November, Science New Zealand will present a variety ofinformative, educational public talks that will enthral, inspire and fascinate you.   Click here for tickets.


The Geothermal Heat-pump Association will be holding a one-day Aquifer Energy seminar in Christchurch on 17 October. The seminar includes a site visit to a working ground-source heat-pump (GSHP) installation in Christchurch. The seminar is followed by a three day, free, International Ground Source Heat Pump Association’s Certified GeoExchange Designer (CGD) course.Further details on the NZGA website here.