“Our geothermal resources are fascinating.

They are part of Maori oral tradition – a gift from Ngatoroirangi. The colours, sounds, feel and even smell speak to our senses, hearts and minds about greater forces and life. Their rare environment has drawn tourists to our shores for as long as tourists have visited New Zealand.

Geothermal resources have soothed bodies, and warmed homes and hotels and supplied process heat for commercial and industrial applications. They supply an expanding base of electricity generation. There are potentially new applications in terms of minerals carried with the fluids and the extreme life forms that survive in its boiling fluids.

New Zealand scientists and engineers have pioneered the process of turning the apparent unknowns from the surface, into resource information and hard commercial realities.

There is a recognition of the need for preserving some areas, and of the value of developing other areas.

After an initial surge, then quiet period, geothermal energy is again at the forefront of commercial and sustainable energy developments. Geothermal’s time is now.”

Brian White
Past Executive Officer
New Zealand Geothermal Association