Our History

The NZGA was formed following a meeting of a group of geothermalists at the Geothermal Institute of the University of Auckland in October 1992.  This group wanted to bring the geothermal industry together to promote and advance geothermal in New Zealand and connect internationally.

Some of this group had also been responsible for formation of the International Geothermal Association (IGA), which  had been formed after a meeting of geothermal industry representatives at Wairakei on 14 October 1986; it was incorporated in New Zealand on 21 July 1988, with Prof. Derek Freeston as Secretary and remains registered as an Incorporated Society in New Zealand.

The inaugural meeting of the NZGA was held at the Geothermal Institute of the University of Auckland on 3 November  1992.  At the meeting IGA affiliation and Incorporation of the NZGA were presented followed by planning of future activities:

  • A mid-year (1989) Wairakei seminar
  • The Geothermal Workshop preparations for 10-12 November 1993
  • Participation in the 1995 World Geothermal Congress

The original Board was:

  • Ian Thain             President
  • Derek Freeston  Secretary
  • Tony Mahon       Vice President
  • Neville Dench
  • Tom King
  • Arnold Watson
  • Jim McLeod
  • Trevor Hunt

The NZGA was incorporated in New Zealand on 21st October 1992; it was Affiliated with the IGA at the same time.


Meeting of geothermalists at Wairakei in 1988; the meeting that led to formation of the IGA and subsequently NZGA

Records are available from the Societies website (http://www.societies.govt.nz/cms/online-services/) from 1992.  The first record is a change of the Bylaws; these were in fact the original Bylaws.