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  1. Introductory Guide to Geothermal Heat Pumps NZ
  2. Architects and Engineers perceptions of geothermal energy
  3. IPENZ Transactions articles
    • Direct geothermal energy demonstration projects for Victoria, Australia
    • The rise and rise of geothermal heat pumps in NZ
  4. Earth’s Energy – It’s abundant, renewable, available everywhere 24/7 and involves well-established above-ground technology. Yet New Zealand is lagging behind the rest of the developed world in embracing geothermal energy for space heating and cooling. (This story was first published in ‘Engineering Insight’, May/June 2014, Volume 15/3 and is reproduced with the permission of the Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand).
  5. Swedish Ground Source Heat Pump Case Study (2010) (1.23 MB) GNS Science 31 pages, 2011.
  6. GNS Science: low temperature geothermal energy reports

Case studies

Showcasing examples where geothermal “Earth Energy” is being used for heating, cooling and processing applications.

Space heating and cooling

Use this link to go to the GNS Science Earth Energy website to view more case studies.

Fact sheets