Choosing an Installer

Always use an experienced installer for your Geothermal Heat Pump (GHP). Good design and installation practices are fundamental to the efficient and effective performance of a GHP as specialist knowledge and expertise are required. A firm’s reputation gained from earlier installations is your most reliable indicator as to the competency and likely quality of an installation at your site. Ask your designer and installer for clients that you can talk to directly about their experience. DIY installations are not recommended.

What to look for in an installer

A professional, experienced installer has the expertise and knowledge to:
  1. Calculate the buildings heat loss characteristics and associated heat demand.
  2. Size the system correctly (i.e., the ground loop, heat pump and building distribution system).
  3. Advise on environmental considerations for your GHP (e.g., ground conditions, take of groundwater, drilling).
  4. Advise on the best configuration of the ground loop suitable for the specific location.
  5. Advise on the best type of distribution system for the building.
  6. Install and commission the heat pump in compliance with the relevant regulations and standards.
  7. Advise on the service requirements.
  8. Provide you with a service checklist and contact names and numbers in case of problems.
  9. Provide a warranty for the heat pump with its installation.

When looking for an installer, ask them about their qualifications and experience. Also ask about other installations they have carried out, and for contact details of owners from whom you can solicit information on the designer / installers abilities, and delivery quality.

Your installer should hold the appropriate license to carry out the required work (e.g. electricity, plumbing, drilling), and issue an electrical Certificate of Compliance if required. Ideally they should also hold a ‘no-loss certification’ for the handling of refrigerants.

Click on the following link to find New Zealand installers that are affiliated to GHANZ