Potential New Developments

The information on this page is now out of date. The NZGA will be updating this page with the latest potential for geothermal development estimate. 

There are a number of potential developments, with two new generation projects currently (2018) under construction.  TAOM  (Eastland Energy and A8D Trust) is a 26 MWe Ormat, 2-phase binary plant currently commissioning.  Ngawha  C (Top Energy) is a 27 MWe Ormat 2-phase binary plant due to commission in 2020.


With the price of carbon forecast to increase under a strengthened Emission Trading Scheme, as well as a new Zero Carbon Bill, new geothermal developments will be required to support the phase out of thermal generation and transition to electric powered transportation.


Table: Potential Upcoming Geothermal Developments.

Station Capacity (MW) Operation Developer Comments
Te Ahi O Maui (Kawerau) 20 2018 Eastland Group and Kawerau A8D Ahuwhenua Trust Four wells drilled, construction on schedule
Ngawha 3 25 2020 Top Energy Design stage, well drilling commenced 2018
Tauhara II 240 >2020 Contact Consents in place through Board of Inquiry. Production drilling to follow; possibly 2020.
Tikitere <45 >2020 Tikitere Geothermal Power Limited and Ngati Rangiteaorere Both currently in consenting and investigation stage.
Rotoma 35 >2020 Rotoma No 1 Inc Consents under appeal.
Taheke ? ? Contact & Taheke 8C and the Adjoining Blocks Inc Three exploration wells drilled.
Te ia o Tutea (Taheke) ? ? MRP, Okere Inc and Ruahine Kuharua Inc Agreement for expansion and cooperative development
Misc 400 By 2025 Various Balance of unspecified projects including further stages of existing developments