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18-20 Nov 2015 NZGW37th New Zealand Geothermal Workshop
“The next 10,000 megawatts” was held at Wairakei Resort Hotel in Taupo. The workshop provided the opportunity to ….
See the webpage for more details.

19 Nov 2015 NZGA Annual General Meeting
The NZGA Annual General Meeting coincided with the Geothermal workshop above.

9 July 2015 W2W-WorkshopFrom Waste to Wealth: Mineral Recovery from Geothermal Brines w/shop
This workshop was held at the Novotel Rotorua Lakeside, Lake End, Tutanekai Street, Rotorua 9.30am – 4pm. GNS Science’s two-year research programme, funded by MBIE, aims to determine methods for recovery of minerals, metals, gases and trace elements from geothermal fluids. Join us to find out more about the outputs from the research work including; viability, market drivers, and regulatory framework likely to influence the successful implementation of such technologies. Download the Event Flyer for more details or contact for more information.

12 June 2015 GHANZGHANZ Christchurch Groundwater Energy Seminar
The seminar was held at Russley Golf Club Function Centre, 428 Memorial Avenue, Christchurch. It included presentations by industry specialists who are active in New Zealand. Helen Rutter of Aqualinc took on a coordination role for the seminar and the seminar included aquifer modelling, system design, regulatory aspects and connections with the IGSHPA.
* Public had free admission, $20 cash at the door for industry and technical people. Click to view Seminar Flyer. * Click to email – Imelda Curtin for more information. Presentations from this workshop can be found here

30 April 2015 AGGAT International Conference 2015
Above Ground Geothermal and AGGAT2015Allied Technology (AGGAT) refers to all the plant, technology and processes, which occur once the geothermal fluid leaves the ground and is available for utilisation. Developments in the AGGAT field offer some of the best opportunities to improve resource utilisation and reduce costs. The conference was held at the SkyCity Convention Centre, Auckland.
See event flyer. All papers can be downloaded from the HERA website here.

26-28 April 2015 Geothermal Policy & Implementation – The New Zealand example
The information packed short course included a field trip through some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. View the course flyer.

19-24 April 2015 World Geothermal Congress 2015 : Australia-New Zealand
WGC2015“Views from Down Under – Geothermal in Perspective”, the Congress offered a splendid opportunity for delegates to share ideas and knowledge covering geothermal development worldwide. The Congress and short courses programme covered topics relevant both to direct use and electricity generation. The joint management by Australia and New Zealand gave insights into some of the most long-standing ‘traditional’ geothermal developments in the world and new ‘pioneering’ techniques.
Presentationsfrom the workshop can be found here

24 – 26 Nov 2014: 36th New Zealand Geothermal Workshop
“Conventional Geothermal in the test of time”. This prime annual workshop focused on how relevant, conventional geothermal knowledge and approaches influence issues faced in the new technological age. The meeting included the NZGA Annual General Meeting.
* For workshop details see
* Click here to view presentations from this workshop

25 July 2014: Above Ground Geothermal Technologies Workshop
The workshop was hosted jointly by the New Zealand Geothermal Association (NZGA) and the Heavy Engineering Research Association (HERA), the sessions provided distinct focus on industry perspectives in above-ground technologies and development activities taking place currently. Download the workshop flyer here. Click here to view presentations from the workshop.

18-21 Nov 2013: 26th International Applied Geochemistry Symposium Incorporating the 35th New Zealand Geothermal Workshop
The meeting incorporated the 35th New Zealand Geothermal Workshop (NZGW) and focussed on applied geochemistry, new ways of analysis, interpretation of data and geochemistry applied to environmentally sustainable mineral and geothermal exploration and development. A technical programme, special sessions, workshops, and pre- and post-symposium excursions provided a comprehensive programme. View event programme here

12 Jun 2013 2013 NZGA Seminar
A one day seminar on recent developments in the way models are used to represent geothermal systems, and the future of models and modelling data. It was held at Bayview Wairakei Resort, Taupo. See event flyer here. Presentations from the seminar are available here.

24-26 Mar 2013 Pacific Energy Summit
This international event organised by MFAT brings together all Pacific Island countries and development agencies focussing on renewable energy and energy efficiency. It was held at the Viaduct Events Centre in Auckland.

19-21 Nov 2012 New Zealand Geothermal Workshop
The University of Auckland’s Geothermal Institute welcomed delegates to the 34th New Zealand Geothermal Workshop, New Zealand’s longest running energy conference. This year the workshop was held at the Aotea Centre, Auckland, New Zealand. This year’s theme was “Geothermal – Electricity and more” to acknowledge the rapid growth in the direct use of geothermal energy.Click here for more information. Presentations from the workshop can be found here

20 Nov 2012 NZGA Annual General Meeting
The 22nd NZGA Annual General Meeting coincided with the Geothermal workshop above.
Basics of Geothermal Technology Short Course
This was a one-day course held at the Institute of Earth Science (IESE) and Engineering, Level 6, 58 Symonds Street, Auckland. The course introduced geothermal technology for people who have little or no technical background in the field of science and engineering.Click here for more information.

16 August 2012 Geothermal Energy – International Growth and NZ Opportunities – A lunch seminar with Brian Carey, Geothermal Manager, GNS Science
The seminar was held on Level 2, Terrace Conference Centre, St John House, 114 The Terrance, Wellington. Brian leads a team of Geothermal Specialists, is trained as a mechanical engineer well-versed in geothermal resource utilisation. He is also Vice President of the NZGA and chair of GHANZ. He discussed geothermal energy in broad context from low to high temperature resources. Delegates heard of the expectations for geothermal growth on the international scene and the potential opportunities some of which are gaining traction in NZ. Click here for more information.

15-16 June 2012 How to Mitigate Environmental Impacts of Geothermal Development
This was a two day workshop for technical staff and managers led by invited international experts.Click here to view more.

11-14 June 2012 From Start to Steam Workshop
This was a four day workshop on how to conduct a robust geothermal assessment, with field trips. This event was jointly sponsored by GNS Science, NZGA and WPRB of IGA. The workshop was held at Great Lake Centre, Taupo. Click here to view more.
New Zealand Geothermal Workshop
Welcome to the New Zealand Geothermal Workshop, New Zealand’s longest running energy conference. This year the workshop was held on 21st to 23rd November 2011 at the University of Auckland, in New Zealand. Investment and interest in geothermal energy is running red hot. In New Zealand the installed generating capacity increased from 472mW in 2007 to 628mW in 2010 and more is in the pipline or planned. Click here to view more.

22 Nov 2011 NZGA Annual General Meeting 2011
The 21st NZGA Annual General Meeting coincided with the Geothermal workshop above.

16-18 Nov 2011 Australian Geothermal Energy Conference
Held at Selbel Albert Park in Melbourne, Australia. Click here to view workshop information.

25-26 May 2011 International Workshop on Mineral Scaling in a Geothermal Environment, 2011
Technical and panel discussions on 25th and 26th May were followed by a field trip on 27 May to Makiling-Banahaw Geothermal Field of CGPHI where participants viewed one of Chevron’s well-managed geothermal fields. The trip became more exciting as participants took a glimpse of the world’s famous Taal Volcano in Batangas Province. The workshop was held at the Hotel Intercontinental Manila, Makati in the Philippines. Click here to view workshop programme.

Nov 2010 GeoNZ 2010 Incorporating the New Zealand Geothermal Workshop
In November last year, the New Zealand Geothermal Workshop and the Geoscience Society of New Zealand held a joint conference in Auckland showcasing the latest and best in New Zealand geoscience research, geothermal science, and geothermal engineering.
The meeting included an overlap day with the annual meeting of the New Zealand branch of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, AusIMM. The theme for the meeting was”Research · Economy · Frontiers” and we particularly encouraged abstract submissions that explored the interplay of pure and applied research and showcased the application of fundamental research in the commercial marketplace.
The event was held from 21st to 24th November 2010, at the University of Auckland. Click here for more details.
Post-Grad Certificate in Geothermal Energy Technology, 2010
This was a one semester academic course (60 points) aimed at training engineering and science graduates for work in the geothermal industry The course was held at the University of Auckland, Department of Engineering Science and Faculty of Engineering.

5-6 May 2010 &
31 May 2010
Fundamentals of the New Zealand Electricity Industry, 2010 Gain an understanding of electricity jargon and technical terms; Understand how the electricity industry and the market operate; Get an outlook on future trends for the industry. Held from 5th to 6th May at the Duxton Hotel, Auckland and from 31st May to 1st June at the Museum Hotel, Wellington.
World Geothermal Congress 2010
Energy Independence Powered by Geothermal, Bali International Convention Centre, Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia.

7-10 Dec 2009 IBC Asia Geothermal Energy Conference
The IBC Asia Geothermal Energy Conference, Rotorua from 7th to10th December 2009 at the Sheraton Towers, Singapore. The theme was “Accelerating Asia’s Geothermal Development”).

1-2 Dec 2009 Clean Energy Summit and Expo 2009
The Clean Energy Summit and Expo 2009 was held at the Hyatt Regency Centre, Auckland from 1st & 2nd December 2009. The theme was “Creating innovative and new energy resources for a brighter future”).

16-18 Nov 2009 31st New Zealand Geothermal Workshop
The 31st New Zealand Geothermal Workshop was held at the Rotorua Convention Centre, Rotorua from 16th to 18th November 2009. The theme was “Geothermal and the Marketplace”, click here for details).

20 Aug 2009 Acoustic Borehole Image Interpretation Course (GNS Science and Tiger Energy Services)
The Acoustic Borehole Image Interpretation Course (GNS Science and Tiger Energy Services) was held at Bayview Wairakei Resort on 20th August 2009).

19 Aug 2009 New Zealand Geothermal Association Seminar – 2009
The New Zealand Geothermal Association Seminar was held at Bayview Wairakei Resort on 19th August 2009. The theme was “Monitoring Developed Geothermal Resources”, click here for details .

13 Nov 2008 New Zealand Geothermal Association Seminar 2008
The New Zealand Geothermal Association Seminar held at Taupo Great Lake Centre on 13th November 2008. The theme was “Geothermal – Sustainable Development” (This is linked to Wairakei 50th celebration).

11-12 Nov 2008 30th New Zealand Geothermal Association Workshop 2008
The 30th New Zealand Geothermal Association Workshop was held at Taupo Great Lake Centre from 11th to 12th November 2008. The theme was “Celebrating 30 Years of Geothermal Workshops and Training” (This is linked to Wairakei 50th celebration).

10 Nov 2008 IEA Geothermal Sustainability Modelling Workshop 2008
The IEA Geothermal Sustainability Modelling Workshop was held in Taupo Great Lake Centre on 10th November 2008.
Wairakei 50th Celebrations 2008
These are special celebrations of the 50th anniversary of commercial operation of the Wairakei Power Station.

Aug 2008 Geothermal Reservoir Management Seminar 2008
The Geothermal Reservoir Management Seminar was held at GNS Science office, Wairakei in August 2008. This transfer of experience was promoted by NZGA and the Western Pacific Regional Branch of the International Geothermal Association.
NZ Geothermal courses 2008
Courses were held at the University of Auckland. Details can be viewed in the March newsletter.

Nov 2006 NZ Geothermal Association Seminar & New Zealand Geothermal Workshop 2006
The NZGA Seminar and New Zealand Geothermal Workshop were jointly held at Auckland University in November 2006. As usual this was a great opportunity to meet across the industry, gain insights into areas of progress and feel the overall pulse of activity. Jeanette Fitzsimons and Doug Heffernan provided keynote talks that set a high tone for the event, showing the role that geothermal development can play in the thinking of national politicians and at the highest levels of our experienced generators.The event was also well supported by various parties with an interest in generation, including Mitsubishi, Fuji, Ormat and Geodynamics who were able to outline progress in their respective areas. It was a great programme organised by Jane Brotheridge and Stuart Simmons, and our sincere thanks go to them. The Seminar and Workshop was again preceded by an introductory short course, giving people with an active interest in geothermal energy an overview of relevant issues, more confidence to pursue their interests and some useful connections.

April 2005 World Geothermal Congress 2005
The World Geothermal Congress was held in the beautiful and historic city of Antalya, Turkey, in April 2005. The Congress was attended by 44 New Zealand delegates, many of whom were accompanied by partners and (in one or two cases) by families. Katherine Luketina of Environment Waikato has written a brief report on the Congress.
Following the Congress, major findings and conclusions were drawn together by an international panel under the International Geothermal Association and have been sent to Energy Ministers and leaders internationally.

22 Aug 2005 Geothermal Wells Seminar
On 22 August 2005 a special NZGA seminar on geothermal wells was held at the GNS office at Wairakei, and was attended by over 30 people from the industry. The speakers included Stephen Bauer (from Sandia Labs), Keith Lichti (from MPT) and Paul Bixley (working with MRP). The invitation to Stephen Bauer came from contacts made at the WGC, and was made in recognition of the major drilling programs now being undertaken by New Zealand developers. The invitation to Stephen was made under the umbrella of the Geothermal Implementing Agreement of the International Energy Agency in collaboration with the US Department of Energy, and with the support of the New Zealand Trade and Enterprise under their World Class New Zealander Fund Program. NZTE also hosted a special dinner after the seminar attended by Taupo’s mayor and other geothermal interests.
Stephen was also able to spend time with individuals and companies for the week he was in New Zealand.

27 Oct 2005 New Zealand Geothermal Workshop and NZGA Seminar 2005
On 27 October 2005 the 27th New Zealand Geothermal Workshop was held at the Park Heritage Hotel, Rotorua. The New Zealand Geothermal Workshop is a forum for the exchange of information on all aspects of geothermal resources both for New Zealand and worldwide.The Workshop was followed the next day by the NZGA Seminar, also at the Park Heritage Hotel. This drew participants from industry, regional councils, and local and central government and had a focus on direct heat use. There were almost 80 at the Geothermal Workshop and 70 at the NZGA seminar while another 19 attended the training day prior to this. To have attracted this many from a membership of about 130 was indeed gratifying and we believe it reflects the very active geothermal scene. We were most grateful for the sponsorship from EECA for the conference and for the support from NZ Trade and Enterprise through Steve Tritt to bring John Lund here from the Geoheat Centre in Oregon.
The seminar was opened with a Powhiri and welcome from the Mayor of Rotorua, Kevin Winters. The NZGA dinner, held on the Thursday evening was also particularly successful. We had almost 80 attendees and the highlight of the evening was the presentation of life memberships by John Lund to two former Presidents of the NZGA, Brian Jones and Ian Thain.

Dec 2004 NZGA 2004 Annual Seminar
The NZGA held its 2004 annual seminar in December with participation by representatives from industry, regional councils, and local and central government. Copies of all papers presented were made available to all participants. Expressions of interest in the upcoming seminar should be addressed to the Association Executive Officer.
The 2005 seminar will be held in Rotorua with a focus on direct heat use. It will be held in conjunction with the New Zealand Geothermal Workshop and a one day introductory course on geothermal energy.

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Previous Geothermal Jobs

Waikato Regional Council Senior Resource Officer – Geothermal
Click here to view job description.
Applications close on Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Sinclair Knight Merz Geothermal opportunities within Sinclair Knight Merz (SKM)
Click here to view job description.
Applications close at 9am, on 31 July 2012

Drilling Engineer, Taupo, New Zealand
Click here to view job description
Applications closed 9am, Tuesday 24th April 2012Lead Electricial Engineer & Leader Mechanical Engineer
Lead Electricial Engineer – click here for job description
Lead Mechanical Engineer – click here for job descriptionMechanical Engineer – Wairakei, Taupo
* A role that will offer a lot of variety
* Specialist technical role for geothermal assets
* Join a world class geothermal energy business
Click here to view job description.
Applications closed: 9am, Monday 28th May 2012

Geothermal Geophysicist Specialist
GNS Science are seeking geophysists to join the expanding geothermal team at GNS Science (Wairakei Research Centre, Taupo). Click here for job description . Closing date 14th August 2011

Auckland University Auckland University Director, Geothermal Institute – Faculty of Engineering,
Auckland University are seeking an outstanding professional to lead the Geothermal Institute, developing and implementing the University’s geothermal energy education and research strategy.
Click here for job description. Closing date Friday 22 July 2011

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Previous Media Releases

10 Nov 2008 Celebration of Geothermal Development
This coincided with the week of celebrations associated with the Wairakei 50th Anniversary, the New Zealand Geothermal Workshop and the New Zealand Geothermal Association Seminar. These events brought into sharp focus the past and current achievements in sustainable geothermal development and the strong growth expected in the future.
Download (46.3KB PDF)
7 Mar 2008 Geothermal Energy Progress
This outlines major geothermal developments currently underway at a time when Contact Energy is entering its Te Mihi call-in process for consenting.  Industry has been responsive to a national need for generation, and the government has been responsive to Contact’s request for project call-in.  Many geothermal projects are in the pipeline that will satisfy our increasing demand and will contribute to meeting the Government’s renewable energy target.
Download (186KB PDF)
11 Jan 2008 Geothermal Progress
The Government is strongly reliant on geothermal development to meet some of its energy goals. Energy companies are now actively progressing geothermal projects across several fronts.  About 1,000 MW of new projects could be developed over the next 20 years, suggesting the geothermal industry could be very busy.  This media release briefly outlines some of the immediate projects.
Download (131KB PDF)
12 Oct 2007 Geothermal in Energy Strategies
This sets out a supportive position for the just published New Zealand Energy Strategy and Energy Efficiency and Conservation Strategy. The release quantifies some of the growth that we are expecting especially in terms of electricity generation. Geothermal energy should make a major contribution to our energy mix.
Download (17KB PDF)
28 Feb 2007 Upcoming Geothermal Development
At the National Power Conference the major generators Contact Energy and Mighty River Power, and the Minister of Energy all made positive comments about the future of geothermal development in New Zealand. Download (30KB PDF).
12 Dec 2006 Geothermal Development and the Draft New Zealand Energy Strategy
The New Zealand Government was considering a draft national energy strategy and formally began a consultation exercise at this time. This media release was made in response to consultation documents reinforcing the significance of geothermal energy already partially reflected in the documentation.
Download (32KB PDF)
25 Feb 2006 Tuaropaki Power Company Officially Opens Mokai Geothermal Plant Extension
On 25 February 2006, Tuaropaki Power Company officially opened its 39 MW extension of the Mokai power station, bringing its total output to 94 MW. Tuaropaki Power Company is now the 6th largest generation company in New Zealand. TPC was established by the Tuaropaki Trust which also has interests in farming, greenhouses and communications. Mighty River Power has a management contract for the facility and now has a 25% share in TPC.
Download (127KB PDF)
8 Sep 2005 Contact Officially Opens Geothermal Plant Extension at Wairakei
The 15 MW Wairakei Binary Plant was officially opened by Contact Energy on 8 September 2005, effectively increasing the efficiency of resource use at Wairakei by about 10%. The plant uses hot water brought from the steamfield for reinjection purposes. This marks an investment by a private investor in what is expected could be a doubling of national installed geothermal capacity over the next 10 years.
Download (13KB PDF)
18 Jul 2005 Major Changes to Geothermal Asset Ownership at Kawerau.
Kawerau geothermal wells, steamfield equipment and contracts were transferred from the Crown to Mighty River Power then Ngati Tuwharetoa Geothermal Assets in a deal involving the Crown, Mighty River Power, Tuwharetoa ki Kawerau and Norske Skog Tasman. This marks a transition from a caretaker role by the Crown to active development.
Download (12KB PDF)
22 Apr 2005 Large Contingent of New Zealand Geothermal Experts Attend World Geothermal Congress.
The strong New Zealand contingent at the Congress was able to make and strengthen international linkages, while keeping up with the latest developments. This comes at a time when New Zealand is commencing one of the heaviest investment programmes of geothermal development. Download (13KB PDF) .

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Other Media Releases

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