Special Interest Groups

For some time NZGA has wanted to allow members a greater focus on areas of particular interest. We want to tailor the Association to meet the needs and interest of our members. An outcome of the AGM in November is a recommendation that we proceed with the development of these interest groups on a voluntary basis. A number of Board members have already put their hands up to lead some of these groups. We now want to outline groupings of interest to our members, and to encourage you to identify whether you want to take ‘no role’, ‘a passive role’, or an ‘active role’ in any of these.

The NZGA Board has decided that the groups should be left to evolve in structure and communications as they choose, but leaders will report at Board meetings when there will be opportunity for cross-pollination of ideas to make these more effective.

How many interest groups can I be involved in? Currently we have no restrictions on how many groups you can be involved in. The NZGA membership application form has been modified so you can indicate your level of interest in the various sectors.

Click on the name below to send an email to the group leaders. The broad groupings we have identified currently are as follows:

Direct Use

Leader: Mike Dunstall

Education and R&D

Environment and Legislation

Leader: Noel Kortright

Generation and Industrial use

Leaders: Chris Mann | Assisted by: Greg Moore


Geothermal Heat-pump Association of NZ

Click to view website

Iwi and Landowners

There are obvious interests but this group will also be responsible for cultural input into the World Geothermal Congress 2015

Leader required

Geothermal Reservoir Modelling

Leader: Juliet Newson

Structural Geology and Geothermal Geomechanics (SGGG)

Leader: Irene Wallis


Leader: Trudy Stuart
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