Case Study

Geothermal Energy and Electricity Production

Welcome to this education resource about geothermal energy and electricity production. These pages have been produced by Heurisko Ltd for New Zealand students of Science and Physics at years 9-13.

The upper level of Station A at Wairakei geothermal power station houses the 4 low pressure turbines, numbered G7 to G10. The steam turbine of Generator 10 is being reassembled after maintenance. The turbine shaft is visible in the middle right and its cover is slung beneath the crane in the upper distance. Twenty minutes later it was in place. The lower part of the image looks down on the condenser which is painted green. The white line around the turbine shaft is a sealant – Image: Heurisko Ltd, click to enlarge.

To take a field trip to a New Zealand power station please visit the LEARNZ website at